Jeep stereo gets 2nd. chance to rock

Friday, November 25th, 2022


Our experience and expertise in car audio systems allowed us to redesign and rebuild this Jeep stereo system while staying within our customer’s budget. Having to redo an entire 5 channel amplifier installation that was done entirely wrong by another shop is no easy task.
The first 1/3 was to repair all the OEM audio gear and wiring to original condition.
The next 1/3 involved redesigning the audio layout. We rerouted all the wiring from under the hood and from the radio to the existing amplifier.
The final 1/3 was reprogramming the OEM radio for a flat audio output signal.
We then set the base adjustments on the amplifier and begin playing music. With the volume low we increase the volume while meticulously listening to high fidelity audio. As the volume increases we make incremental changes to the amplifier controls until full performance of the gear has been reached.
With full performance reached this sound system is ready to be delivered!!!

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Pocono Mountains, PA