2013 Ford Edge XM/Sirius Satellite Automotive Solution.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

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Ray Price Stroud Ford has always given their customers the best and #BlossomInstallations is proud to have been working with the Price Dealerships since 1996.  Here is a great example of an #XMSirius installation in a new Ford Edge.  #ThomasShafer of Blossom Installations has always delivered the highest quality installation along with great product and sound quality.  The satellite antenna is mounted on top of the roof and brought in through a factory rubber boot.  This keeps the antenna from being damaged.  An #FMDA25 along with a set of #40EU30 antenna adapters assures the best possible sound quality while traveling and keeps the factory AUX input free for the #Ipod.  To keep the dashboard free of a wiring mess the power adapter is hardwired and hidden in the driver kick panel.  All the wiring is then nicely routed to the dash, covered in protective loom and plugged into the XM/Sirius receiver.  The satellite receiver location on the dash keeps it within arms reach of the driver while their eyes stay on the road for safe driving.

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