Jeep JK, Massive 1600 watts Mmats/Diamond HEX Audio System

January 6 2022

Jeep JK got a BIG, FUN, MUSICAL sound system. Best quality audio gear was used exclusively in this design and build. A Sony AX5500 CarPlay, Android Auto receiver with 5v front, rear, and subwoofer preout feeds the signal to one of the most musical, most powerful amplifiers in the car audio industry. A Mmats SQ6150 […]

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Light Up Your Life!

July 24 2020

WOW, under car lighting has come a long way! Not to show how long I’ve been in the 12v scene but I remember in the early ’90’s I would install actual neon tubes under cars to illuminate them. Back then the tubes  were delicate and you only had the choice of one color and on/off. […]

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Couple of Camaros

July 11 2020

Women and their rides were rockin’ the shop this week. Big thanks to Livia and Bonita for trusting me to give these two Camaros sleek new improvements. An OEM set of fog lamps were installed along with two sets of 6K HID lights. No switches were to be installed in the interior so a simple […]

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Massive LED lighting upgrade!

February 15 2020

Massive LED lighting upgrade for this 2019 Ford F350. The front of the truck got both low and high beam lamps along with a set of grille mounted driving lights that are controlled by Aux1 of the oem switches. Adjustable beam patterns along with taking the time to readjust the lamps downward help minimize offensive […]

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HID lighting for better night time vision.

August 14 2017

  The factory halogen lighting system on this Jeep was not lighting up the night.  With limited light output from the factory projector headlamps an upgrade was required.  An HID lamp kit was installed into the original headlight housings.  A pair of CAN-BUS ballasts keep the factory electrical system working properly while 6K bulbs create […]

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Say it with me: L. E. D.

April 21 2017

A returning client brought his Toyota 4-Runner into the shop for some LED lighting, and WOW did we do some lighting.  A hidden 32″ light bar was installed behind the lower portion of the front grille using Rago Fabrication custom mounting brackets.  In addition to the light bar a pair of ditch lights were installed […]

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Jeep Wrangler LED Lighting

April 6 2017

Earlier this year I installed an Excalibur remote starting system with a Link-r smartphone module for complete control of starting,  lock, and unlock from his phone.  Recently I upgraded the factory halogen lighting system to LED.  I replaced both the headlamps and fog lamps with new LED units.  The new look is amazing and check […]

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Toyota Rav4 gets OEM fog lights and heated seats.

October 27 2016

  Is there a comfort feature your vehicle is missing that you would like?  No problem, I can up fit your vehicle with the accessory you would like to have.  This new Rav 4 was fitted with a pair of OEM fog lights along with an OEM switch in the dash panel to control them. […]

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Chevy Trailblazer CREE LED Headlight 6k with 3K HID fogs

October 1 2015

This is my personal truck.  I practice what I preach and use all of my products that I sell on my own vehicles.  I upgraded the OEM halogen headlight bulbs to the new Gen 2 CREE LED lighting system by Racesport.  Racesport makes some of the best lighting products I have ever used.  My fog […]

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Hyundai Factory Fog Lights

April 19 2015

  Blossom Installation imported a set of OEM Hyundai fog lights from South Korea to complete this job.  The fog lights fit into the existing knock out covers.  Thomas Shafer cut the inner section of the cover out to fit the fog lamp.  With the lamps mounted a final bit of trimming to the metal […]

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