Modern Car Audio Design

February 23 2024

  Have you ever listened to a factory premium audio system and thought this is the perfect amount of audio and I’d love to have this in my vehicle.   Here it is! A great example of the basics for  a modern car audio system built for sound quality, imaging, and soundstage. The original Toyota […]

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Brilliant Bronco Audio Build

October 13 2023

Let’s face it, the standard audio system in the Bronco sounds terrible, but check this out. We made it sound freaking amazing and affordable. Here’s how we did it. We utilized KICKERAudio KEY technology amplifiers in this OEM integration build along with an 8” Comp RT subwoofer. Naturally the subwoofer is the most notable upgrade […]

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Jeep JL gets Sick Sound System

June 23 2023

This sound system story is fantastic! I met the owner during the early summer of 2022 to discuss adding tower speakers to his boat on Lake Wallenpaupack. Read more at During the spring of 2023 Brad reached out to me in regards to his boat and asked if there was a way to add […]

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F250 Harley Edition gets High End Sound

June 15 2023

My client wanted to use the existing OEM speaker locations. I had discussed with him how they were not great locations for proper speaker placement but he did not want the added cost of building custom audio pods. So we decided to use my BEST quality boutique audio gear to make up for the not […]

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Jeep Renegade Rocks New Sound System

June 1 2023

Beginning of a classic audio design/build in a 2017 Jeep Renegade. Six new coaxial speakers in the OEM locations will provide clear, crisp, and detailed sound when finished. To extend my client’s budget we utilized the OEM infotainment radio. This is becoming an industry standard as modern cars already have smartphone capabilities like CarPlay, USB, […]

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Hybrid Audio Design for the Modern Vehicle

March 28 2023

Bringing this hybrid audio build together by design. This audio system started with a phone call. On the phone was someone who was upset with how his OEM audio system was performing. Not knowing who I was talking to I started to explain how to correctly use the bass, middle, and treble tone controls along […]

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Sound Solution

February 1 2023

On the left is the OEM DSP seven channel amplifier including two subwoofer channels. In this design we have added a more powerful dedicated subwoofer amplifier to enhance the bottom end frequencies. This is the amplifier on the right. We squeezed this amplifier into the right rear corner using the riv-nut threaded mounting solution. With […]

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More than Expected Sound System

November 16 2022

If you want to hear better audio, you need to design better audio. We did all of our sound good tricks to each and every speaker being installed into this Jeep. One of the most important and most overlooked by other shops is keeping the polarity of all the speakers the same. Tuesday was spent […]

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Jeep JK, Massive 1600 watts Mmats/Diamond HEX Audio System

January 6 2022

Jeep JK got a BIG, FUN, MUSICAL sound system. Best quality audio gear was used exclusively in this design and build. A Sony AX5500 CarPlay, Android Auto receiver with 5v front, rear, and subwoofer preout feeds the signal to one of the most musical, most powerful amplifiers in the car audio industry. A Mmats SQ6150 […]

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Monster Bronco gets an Evil Sound System

December 7 2020

A wild upgrade for the monster Bronco. From no display to 9” of display without chopping the dash! Monster tech with Apple Car Play, BT audio, USB all at your finger tips. Keeping up with the monster Bronco’s crazy V-8 engine I utilized the enormous power of the Sony 6 channel amp. This beast is […]

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