Brilliant Bronco Audio Build

Friday, October 13th, 2023

Let’s face it, the standard audio system in the Bronco sounds terrible, but check this out. We made it sound freaking amazing and affordable. Here’s how we did it.

We utilized KICKERAudio KEY technology amplifiers in this OEM integration build along with an 8” Comp RT subwoofer. Naturally the subwoofer is the most notable upgrade since this Bronco had the subwoofer delete system from factory. The new larger subwoofer just fits into the OEM enclosure. Some custom work and we had the new 500 watt amplifier and subwoofer looking factory fit. A few layers of sound dampening material keep those annoying rattles away.

We dramatically improved the stock speakers with a KEY200.4 amplifier with AI driven DSP technology. This small but powerful and smart amplifier provides 50 watts of power to the six OEM speakers for an awesome boost in volume, but the genius of this amp is its DSP processor. Once the DSP set up process was complete I eagerly listened to see how the AI did. Amazing! The sound was perfectly placed on top of the dashboard and the music was rich and detailed with robust volume.

Every Bronco needs this sound solution.

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Pocono Mountains, PA