Subaru Legacy Push Start Remote Start System

October 19 2017

  If you have a push to start vehicle you know you need to carry the proximity key with you to start your car.  Many people would love to have a remote start but most of you do not want another remote to start your vehicle.  No Problem!  Nearly all of my Omega software incorporates […]

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Newest Mazda Remote Starting Software

June 13 2017

Max dog photo bombs my video of  the new Omega R/D software for the Mazda Push To Start vehicles.  This newest software as demonstrated in the video allows starting from the factory proximity key and also gives the user secure takeover.  Secure takeover allows the user to unlock and enter the vehicle while it continues […]

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2017 Ford Focus Remote Start

April 16 2017

This 2017 Ford Focus was a first for a remote start.  I was asked by Omega R&D to beta test software on this new vehicle platform. The photo of a “mess” of wiring is the beta installation to see if the software communicated properly with this model.  After a successful KLON of the anti-theft software […]

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Jeep Wrangler LED Lighting

April 6 2017

Earlier this year I installed an Excalibur remote starting system with a Link-r smartphone module for complete control of starting,  lock, and unlock from his phone.  Recently I upgraded the factory halogen lighting system to LED.  I replaced both the headlamps and fog lamps with new LED units.  The new look is amazing and check […]

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Nissan Titan gets Diamond Elite Sound System & GPS Remote Starting.

March 29 2016

   This Nissan Titan was looking good from the outside.  Next was the sound system.  Thomas Shafer of Blossom Installations was called in to design and install the system.  Diamond Audio’s Elite series of gear was chosen for this build due to the products  amazing audio characteristics for the cost.  Simply, it can’t be beat. […]

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Dodge Dakota install of fog lights, projector headlights, and 2-way security and remote start.

April 17 2015

  A very nice stylish upgrade of lighting.  New projector headlights with LED running lights and a set of fog lights make driving at night much safer. An Excalibur AL-1860-EDPB security system and remote start with 2-way LCD remote provide warm mornings with peace of mind that his personal belongings are secure and safe.

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2015 VW Beetle Push to Start remote start install.

February 17 2015

Enjoying a warm car every morning with her new Excalibur remote starting system by Blossom Installations.  

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When it has to be the Best, it has to be Blossom. 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA

February 7 2015

  This sporty luxury car is now equipped with the best remote starting and GPS telematics system in the world.  An Omegalink OL-RS-BZ4 allows seamless integration of a remote staring system into this finicky German automaker perfectly.  Via his I-Phone this new customer has complete control of his vehicle from his fingertips.  Lock, unlock, trunk, […]

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2015 Toyota Highlander Push to Start, Remote Start Yes.

February 7 2015

Another new referral for a remote starting system from a Blossom client.  This new Highlander will be cozy and warm in the winter and calm and cool in the summer.  Enjoy your car even more with this great feature.

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