I don’t care who Installs my Remote Start

Thursday, December 31st, 2020


Blossom Installations is one of a very few shops that excels at automotive remote starter services, meaning that a remote starter installed properly in a vehicle is extremely enjoyable and will add value to both the user and the vehicle. Here is what’s underneath the driver’s side steering wheel and knee bolster in a modern vehicle. You have your knee airbag, five plugs to switches that control your vehicles traction, tire monitoring and lane assistance. There are also multiple computers that control all of the electronics in your vehicle. Not to mention all the sharp metal brackets, along with telescoping and tilt steering wheel parts.

Many “Audio” shops offer remote starter installations; however, the problem is many audio upgrades are technically less sophisticated and have very few negative repercussions if done improperly. (This statement does not apply to a modern audio system or a DSP tuned audio system in a vehicle.) While many installers get into the industry via the path of car audio, most of them are not qualified to install electronic integrations into a vehicle. When installing modern electronic integration devices (remote starters) into a vehicle you will need to have a comprehensive inventory of the highest quality products along with a company login to access the software for each of the products. Every single remote starter at Blossom Installations gets the latest software update along with vehicle specific software before each installation. Blossom Installations also provides above and beyond what is included in the “box”, materials for a premium install such as three kinds of tape. Tesa tap, an abrasion resistant cloth tape, 33+, 3M’s premium tape for electrical connections and 1710, a tape for securing non-critical connections. Along with the tapes, the shop has multiple premium soldering stations that are paired with an ultra premium solder specifically designed for electronic and electrical work. It uses a fast acting, instant wetting, non-corrosive, and non-conductive flux for faster soldering and a strong, long lasting bond. Blossom also provides plastic split loom for building harnesses that need to be routed along moving parts such as tilt and telescoping steering wheels. Split loom also adds an additional layer of protection from sharp metal edges that tend to wear on wiring harnesses with time as you drive. Unlike most shops where they build a generic harness on the workbench and then simply make the connections in the vehicle, Blossom Installations is the ONLY shop that secures their remote starters in every vehicle and then designs and builds the harness in the vehicle. This creates a wire harness that follows the factory wiring paths. This design technique, although more time consuming, guarantees an installation that will last the lifetime of a vehicle. Shopping around is smart; but make sure you do your homework and read reviews because price isn’t always all that matters. With the modern car lasting easily 200,000 miles and 15+ years on the road, you’ll want the best.



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Pocono Mountains, PA