Safety first for Pocono community fleet

December 13 2019

  Emerald Lake community located in the beautiful Pocono Mts., Pa brought in their fleet of plow vehicles to have them upfitted with safety reverse camera systems.  A large 7″ rearview mirror display shows a 160 degree image of what is behind the truck.  The mirror offers a fully automatic display when in reverse and […]

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Ford F150 7″ Ultra Widescreen Mirror

October 19 2017

The Ford F150 is a great truck, add a large cap to the bed and it becomes fantastic, until it comes to backing up.  Then it becomes dreadful.  The solution is a rear view camera system.  An integrated camera built into the tailgate handle along with a self-dimming rear view mirror that has a 7″ […]

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Perfect Picture Back-Up Camera

April 13 2017

This Pontiac Torrent needed a back-up camera.  I chose a BrandMotion 9002-9510 replacement GM rear-view mirror.  This is an On-Star Mirror with a self-dimming feature along with a 3.5″ LCD monitor to display a camera image.  An under lip mount rear view camera fit nicely on the rear hatch.  The camera features fantastic low light […]

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OEM style Back-Up Camera Ford F-150

February 21 2017

  Back-up cameras are hot to have and this is one cool installation showing how far aftermarket accessories have come.  The days of universal fit applications are long gone.  Todays aftermarket is built specific for each vehicle application.  Check out the fit and finish of this Ford tailgate handle camera and self dimming 4.3″ lcd […]

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Safety, safety, safety.

October 27 2016

  I outfitted this Ford Escape with multiple safety features.  One, a self-dimming mirror with 3.5″ display was installed along with a back-up camera that displays whats behind you when you engage reverse gear.  Two, a digital video recording device was installed to record both front and rear views of the road while driving.  The […]

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Rearview Safety Camera for Local Towing Company

May 15 2016

Ed’s Towing in Mt. Pocono, PA has some of the nicest and safest trucks on the road.  I’ve installed multiple safety cameras on many of their trucks.  This latest edition to their fleet was no exception.  After the truck got back from the body shop with a new paint and graphics scheme, it was off […]

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2012 Ford F150 Rear View Camera & R.O.S.S. Systems.

September 3 2015

     Todays new truck designs are very difficult to park.  The addition of a rear view camera and rear obstacle sensing system are a necessity.  Blossom Installations installed a Ford emblem rear view camera along with a self dimming, LCD rear view mirror  to help while backing up this truck.  A reverse obstacle sensing […]

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Chevy Camaro SS gets a Rearview Camera.

January 30 2015

    The Chevrolet Camaro SS is an awesome car.  Performance and looks this car has it all.  Unless you want to back up.  Thats nearly impossible.  To address this problem Blossom Installations upfitted this Camaro with a discreetly mounted Rear View Camera that integrates perfectly into an OEM rearview mirror with On-Star.  The new […]

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