Custom blind spot and front view cameras for Cadillac CTS-V

November 11 2020

This hot rod Caddy got a fully integrated blind spot and front view camera system. A new OEM quality On-Star rear view mirror  was chosen for its easy to view 4.5″ LCD monitor. A pair of flush mount eye ball style cameras were used in each side view mirror along with a fixed 30* angled […]

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Subaru WRX gets NEX navigation and front and rear view cameras

February 15 2018

This 2018 Subaru WRX has all the performance with a turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive.  However the factory audio system was anything but high-performance.  A few months ago I replaced the front and rear speakers with two pairs of Sony component speakers and cross-overs in the factory locations.  For this round of modifications the original […]

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Safety, safety, safety.

October 27 2016

  I outfitted this Ford Escape with multiple safety features.  One, a self-dimming mirror with 3.5″ display was installed along with a back-up camera that displays whats behind you when you engage reverse gear.  Two, a digital video recording device was installed to record both front and rear views of the road while driving.  The […]

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Pioneer NEX Navigation, Maestro, and Front and Rear View Camera action.

July 31 2016

  Pioneer NEX in a Mitsu EVO. The new NEX navigation receiver is the control center for everything electronic in this EVO.  Going on a trip?  Navigation,  Back-up camera?  Reverse,   Front view camera?  Yup,  Vehicle Diagnostics?  Got that to!! HERE mapping found on Pioneer NEX navigation is the best navigation I have ever used. […]

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