Honda Accord Heated Seat System

October 19 2017

How great are heated seats??  I love mine! What, you don’t have them?  Heated seats can be added to any vehicle with cloth or leather seats from factory.  A heating element is installed in both the bottom and back of each of the front seats under the cover material.  A small switch controls both a […]

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Toyota Rav4 gets OEM fog lights and heated seats.

October 27 2016

  Is there a comfort feature your vehicle is missing that you would like?  No problem, I can up fit your vehicle with the accessory you would like to have.  This new Rav 4 was fitted with a pair of OEM fog lights along with an OEM switch in the dash panel to control them. […]

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2007 Subaru Impreza Keyless Entry/Remote Start, & Heated Seat Install.

March 13 2014

This Subaru got the winter works. I installed an RS-350-EDP+ remote starting system with keyless entry along with an upgraded 2-way Echo 3 remote control unit. With a glance at this LCD remote my client knows exactly what her car is

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