Safety, safety, safety.

October 27 2016

  I outfitted this Ford Escape with multiple safety features.  One, a self-dimming mirror with 3.5″ display was installed along with a back-up camera that displays whats behind you when you engage reverse gear.  Two, a digital video recording device was installed to record both front and rear views of the road while driving.  The […]

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Nissan Titan gets Diamond Elite Sound System & GPS Remote Starting.

March 29 2016

   This Nissan Titan was looking good from the outside.  Next was the sound system.  Thomas Shafer of Blossom Installations was called in to design and install the system.  Diamond Audio’s Elite series of gear was chosen for this build due to the products  amazing audio characteristics for the cost.  Simply, it can’t be beat. […]

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Escort/Passport 9500ci Radar & Laser System Integration on a 2014 Porsche Boxster S

August 14 2014

An old customer of mine whom I haven’t seen in years contacted me via email about his car.   A beautiful new Porsche Boxster S.  He requests a top on the line radar and laser detection system to be installed.  The Escort/Passport 9500ci offers a completley integrated radar and laser sysytem.  Mounted in the front fascia is […]

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GPS Tracking and Data Management

April 16 2014

  For over five years #BlosssomInstallations has been working with #AmericanMidwestFleetSolutions installing GPS Tracking and Data Management Solutions on everything from vans to tractor trailers.  These products help to increase productivity and decrease the cost of doing business.  National company’s and privately owned company’s alike have found these products to increase their profits while providing […]

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