Escort/Passport 9500ci Radar & Laser System Integration on a 2014 Porsche Boxster S

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

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An old customer of mine whom I haven’t seen in years contacted me via email about his car.   A beautiful new Porsche Boxster S.  He requests a top on the line radar and laser detection system to be installed. 

The Escort/Passport 9500ci offers a completley integrated radar and laser sysytem.  Mounted in the front fascia is a remote radar detector and a pair of laser shifters.  The rear fascia houses an additional pair of laser shifters for complete protection.  Along with the radar/laser system you also get red light camera warnings and a GPS antenna that learns false alerts and saves them to memory to help eliminate false readings.  The system is fully updateable via a USB cable.  On this installation the display and control module were custom mounted in what was originally a small pocket in the center console.  A mold was made in the shape to house the two modules.  The part was then made from the mold and finished in satin black to match the factory look.

Just another fantastic example of the Art of the Install. 


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