Pioneer NEX Navigation, Maestro, and Front and Rear View Camera action.

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

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Pioneer NEX in a Mitsu EVO.

The new NEX navigation receiver is the control center for everything electronic in this EVO.  Going on a trip?  Navigation,  Back-up camera?  Reverse,   Front view camera?  Yup,  Vehicle Diagnostics?  Got that to!!

HERE mapping found on Pioneer NEX navigation is the best navigation I have ever used.  (…and i’ve been doing nav installs since 1996).  An automatic back-up camera projects a rear view image when reverse gear is selected, but even cooler than that is a selectable front-view image to protect the front lip from curb damage when parking.

A Maestro RR integration module was chosen for this vehicle.  The Maestro is the only module that integrates into your vehicle’s CAN communication system.  When paired with an NEX receiver engine parameters and vehicle diagnostics can be displayed and accessed through your receiver.  Check engine codes and airbag lights can be checked and reset as well.


Broken bolts?  Err, it happens when working on cars in NEPA.  I could have just put the plastic cover overtop and moved on, but thats not the kind of work I do.  A drill and tap repaired the threads and a new bolt went back in.  Plastic sheathing, silicon sealant, and heat shrink protect all connections from damage by the elements, enjoy.   Tom S.

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Pocono Mountains, PA