F250 Harley Edition gets High End Sound

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

My client wanted to use the existing OEM speaker locations. I had discussed with him how they were not great locations for proper speaker placement but he did not want the added cost of building custom audio pods. So we decided to use my BEST quality boutique audio gear to make up for the not so perfect OEM speaker locations.

Bringing this F250 Harley Davidson Edition audio system together was a tedious task. Most of the entire vehicle needed to be disassembled to install the bulk of the audio gear. This system had to be assembled within the confines of the vehicle as a whole. Meaning you couldn’t complete a part of the install on its own, but instead you had to complete about 25% of each part of the install until the entire job came together.
This is extremely difficult because not only do you have to think about all the steps for the Musway USA amplifier you’re installing but you also have to have all the steps figured out and prepped for RCA cable routing from the receiver, power wire layout, speaker wiring harness and placement of the subwoofer enclosure since all of this was taking place nearly on top of one another in the left rear of the truck with zero extra space.
Knowing that the OEM speaker locations were not optimal meant this sound system was going to need more. Premium audio gear like Musway USA, Diamond Audio, Audiofrog, and Sony Electronics were chosen.These boutique brands of audio have unique qualities about them that allow for a much greater end user experience.The SonyXAV-AX4000 receiver tied all this great audio gear together. The built in DSP processor time delayed all the speakers. An equalizer, when paired with our RTA and microphone allowed me to correct all the audio reflections within the vehicle and be able to deliver an audio response that follows the Harman Curve.

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