Jeep JL gets Sick Sound System

Friday, June 23rd, 2023

This sound system story is fantastic! I met the owner during the early summer of 2022 to discuss adding tower speakers to his boat on Lake Wallenpaupack. Read more at

During the spring of 2023 Brad reached out to me in regards to his boat and asked if there was a way to add another set of speakers to his tower. Turns out Kicker Audio had just released a dual speaker pod that matched his single speaker pods from the year before. We discussed this solution and within a few weeks I had installed the dual speaker pods in place of the single speaker pods on his boat. This left my client with a pair of single speaker pods not being used.

A few weeks later Brad reaches out to me and tells me he got his childhood dream vehicle, a Jeep Wrangler with the soft top. He then starts to tell me they make a roll bar for the rear of the Jeep and can we use his two tower speakers along with two more and mount them all to the roll bar. This was the beginning for the audio design here.

A pair of Musway Four.100 amplifiers provide 8 channels of power with over 1600 watts to 21 speakers!!! Including an SSV Works 10” subwoofer that fits and looks as if it is factory along with 4 Kicker 8″ speakers in the sound bar. Finally the 4 Kicker tower speakers can be rotated to play forward or backwards to keep the music LOUD in any direction.


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Pocono Mountains, PA