C6 Grand Sport Audio System

Sunday, July 30th, 2023

Beautiful 2012 C6 Grand Sport Corvette was in the shop to kick off the week for an Awesome Audio Upgrade!
This C6 was equipped with the OEM Bose 9 speaker audio system with a now outdated hard drive navigation system.
I designed a premium technology package that included a top of the line Sony 5600 CarPlay receiver along with a backup camera with integrated license plate frame. A dual USB port was nicely hidden behind a change door below the radio.
For the audio design a Musway USA D8 DSP amplifier was chosen. With 8 channels of power and complete active control of every output, this allows me to configure the outputs to perfectly match the OEM speaker layout. Did I mention it also fits in the factory amplifier location keeping this system 100% discrete?
Time was not friendly to the OEM 10” woofers found in the front doors. The glue that holds the voice coil to the frame had failed and rendered these speakers useless. This meant finding a new speaker and that was no easy task. Very specific measurements were required to find a suitable replacement speaker, and I did.
With the car reassembled and the Musway D8 amplifier plugged into my laptop I get to work setting the parameters of every output. I won’t bore you with the technical specifications but instead I’ll wrap this up by saying…
This sound system kicked ASS!!!
A tedious installation to say the least and definitely not a job to trust to just anyone.

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Pocono Mountains, PA