Modern Car Audio Design

Friday, February 23rd, 2024


Have you ever listened to a factory premium audio system and thought this is the perfect amount of audio and I’d love to have this in my vehicle.


Here it is! A great example of the basics for  a modern car audio system built for sound quality, imaging, and soundstage. The original Toyota infotainment radio is utilized since it already has all the audio inputs my client requires. Testing the audio output signal is a must when integrating the OEM radio into an audio system. You must know exactly what kind of audio signal you are working with in order to have a successful end result.


Some requirements for this style of audio are having the correct size speakers to play the entire audio frequency spectrum. Generally this would be a 2-way or 3-way component speaker set in the front doors. The rear doors are then paired with a matching coaxial speaker and played at a quieter volume and used as audio “fill”. Finally a subwoofer is required for the lowest frequencies. This large speaker will range from 8″-12″ for most applications and be either self-amplified or it will need its own amplifier to power it.


For great audio you will need an amplifier to power your chosen speakers while also being fitted with a DSP. A digital signal processor allows all the corrections required in car audio to deliver great sound. This includes time delay and EQ to correct vehicle anomalies that ruins great car audio. Without this design you can not and will not have great car audio.




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