Hybrid Audio Design for the Modern Vehicle

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Bringing this hybrid audio build together by design.
This audio system started with a phone call. On the phone was someone who was upset with how his OEM audio system was performing. Not knowing who I was talking to I started to explain how to correctly use the bass, middle, and treble tone controls along with how to set up other audio features. After following my directions he immediately said his audio system sounded like music again and that he would like to stop in and discuss an audio upgrade.
This Honda has the eight speaker audio system. After an hour long consultation discussing with Jerry what his expectations are, I started my design process. The goal was an audio system that would properly reproduce the entire audio spectrum and image correctly for both front seat passengers at the same time. This modern audio system design can only be achieved with a multi channel amplifier with DSP. The Musway USA M6 amplifier has six channels of amplification and a DSP processor built in. Channels one through four are used to amplify the eight OEM speakers in the front and rear of the vehicle. Channel five provides sound to a new Audiofrog 2.5” full range center channel and channel six powers the new Diamond Audio DES84 subwoofer.
Plugging the amplifier into my laptop I set up the audio signal inputs needed for each dedicated channel to achieve my desired outcome. Then crossover style, frequencies, and slopes are set for each speaker. Measurements are then taken to set delay times for the speakers. Finally, audio output is set for each channel to balance the front, center, rear, and subwoofer speakers. Test tracks are then played to make sure the system performs as expected. Music is the final test.
Success!!! Listening to this audio system is extremely enjoyable in either front seat. This system will play accurately any music thrown at it as I demonstrated for my new client upon delivery. My balance of client expectations, budget, and vehicle constraints resulted in an extremely entertaining listening experience.
Better audio by design.

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Pocono Mountains, PA