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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

On the left is the OEM DSP seven channel amplifier including two subwoofer channels. In this design we have added a more powerful dedicated subwoofer amplifier to enhance the bottom end frequencies. This is the amplifier on the right.
We squeezed this amplifier into the right rear corner using the riv-nut threaded mounting solution. With the trunk liner reinstalled no one would know, and not one inch of trunk space is given up.
“A great speaker installed poorly will never sound better than a good speaker installed properly”
At the shop we discuss this philosophy with every audio customer.
Why do we do this?
Because every customer has a budget. Understanding a customer’s budget when designing an audio system is critical in order to correctly balance product and installation costs. A great installation takes time, knowledge and experience. Our expertise assures you will get the best.
A great installation will also always perform and sound its best when finished vs. a great product with a poor installation.
When installing new speakers into a modern multi channel factory DSP sound system it is critical that the shop you choose has the proper information and experience to complete the job correctly.
In this application we knew by design the OEM tweeter is running in parallel with the mid-bass door speaker.
This information allows us to use the audio signal going into the door to feed the new cross-over of the new speakers. The mid-bass output from the cross-over then continues into the door to the new 6” speaker while the new tweeter is fed from the tweeter output of the cross-over. Remember to always maintain correct polarity as your base line.
Better designs, better solutions, better at Blossom’s!

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