Saleen Mustang, Methanol, Gauges, & GO!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

This Saleen edition Mustang was in the shop getting a methanol injection system installed along with custom LED lights that let you know the status of the system. A low fuel light, an energized light and an active light keep you informed that your system is ready at all times with just a quick glance.

Since this Mustang is a street car our client wanted to have access to their spare tire if needed, so we built a custom 1/2″ thick removable trunk floor. The new floor was designed and built with three pinch points and then finished in trunk liner. The three pinch points along with the rear of the car lock the panel in place from moving while driving, but still allows access to the spare tire when lifted.

Installation of a pair of gauges on the top of the dash show you boost pressure and air intake temperature at a glance. A set of battery terminals adds a touch of show, and a red rear strut brace adds performance and looks to finish off the trunk.

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Pocono Mountains, PA