Jeep JK, Massive 1600 watts Mmats/Diamond HEX Audio System

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

Jeep JK got a BIG, FUN, MUSICAL sound system. Best quality audio gear was used exclusively in this design and build.

A Sony AX5500 CarPlay, Android Auto receiver with 5v front, rear, and subwoofer preout feeds the signal to one of the most musical, most powerful amplifiers in the car audio industry.

A Mmats SQ6150 has six channels of amplification. Utilizing Burr Brown op amps and Directfet technology for a truly remarkable sonic signature. At 4 ohms this amplifier provides 150 watts RMS by six channels. The genius part of this amplifier is channels 5/6 can be bridged for an astonishing 1000 watts RMS power for amazing bass!

This huge amount of power is feeding a pair of Mmats Dreadnaut 12″ subwoofers mounted into a 4.5 cu. ft. vented enclosure. Each subwoofer weighs in at 30lbs each. Moisture is always a concern when working on Jeeps so I chose to build the subwoofer enclosure from 11 ply Birch plywood instead of MDF which quickly deteriorates when it gets wet. The vent for the enclosure also doubles as bracing for the box tying together the front, bottom, and back to reduce flex. On the face, 1.5″, 22 plys of Birch hold the subs securely in place. To further enhance water proofing the entire sub box was sealed with an abrasion coating and mounted just off of the floor of the Jeep to keep any water from getting trapped directly against the enclosure.

The OEM speaker locations got a treatment of Soundshield deadening material and were then fitted with two sets of Diamond Audio HEX 6.5″ speakers. These speakers have a wonderful natural sound that you hear as realism in the music. The crossovers are thermally designed and are the size of small amplifiers allowing them to dissipate heat which ruins sound quality. A set of Mmats tweeters are mounted in the corner dash locations to help lift and blend the front speakers due to the low factory mounting location.

The amplifier and crossovers are conveniently mounted on an amplifier rack on the front side of the enclosure and are completely hidden by the back seats when in the upright position. At night the subs glow in white lighting matching the exterior of the Jeep and a 50″ light bar lights the way.

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Pocono Mountains, PA