Silence the Sound

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

This Jeep Grand Cherokee was in the shop getting a deep treatment of sound deadening material on the outer door skins of all four doors. This required removing the carrier plates and all four windows to access the door skins to apply Soundshield to them.

We also dropped the headliner and continued with a double layer of sound deadening on the roof. We then made sure to cover any open holes in the sheet metal to trap noise within the body before it can enter the interior.

The final piece of the puzzle is the rear entrance on this Jeep Grand Cherokee. We painstakingly piece by piece installed Soundshield on the outer hatch skin through the panel openings, then we placed more Soundshield on the inside of the inner metal body panel and finally a solid piece of Soundshield went over all the openings to trap the road noise from entering the vehicle. The Jeep was eerily quiet when we backed it of the shop.

Here are the technical details of sound deadening the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The idle is impressive with -2db in sound considering the difficulty at that RPM. The 3000 RPM is absolutely astonishing with a -11db quieter reading then before. The max acceleration is also extremely good with -5db  of overall interior noise. This is absolute proof of the benefits of sound deadening in a vehicle for comfort and audio as it takes a doubling of amplifier power to hear a +3db increase in volume.

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Pocono Mountains, PA