1794 Edition Tundra gets HEX Diamante Italia Edition Audio System

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

The 1794 Edition is coming along. All four doors of this ‘21 Tundra got a full covering of Soundshield triple layer acoustic treatment. After removal of the rear seating a JL Audio dual 10” stealth box fits nicely behind the back seats and replaces the factory JBL 8” subwoofer.

Lots of work to be done for this audio system.

HEX Diamante Italia three way speakers make up the front stage speakers while a set of HEX600S two way speakers are used for rear acoustical fill. I designed and manufactured speaker templates which are then used to produce the audio plate from HDPE plastic. These mounts will be further processed with mounting holes, speaker holes, and foam tape to assure a perfect fit and mount in this ‘21 Tundra 1794 Edition. As the audio plates neared completion the midrange plate needed extensive trimming to fit under the OEM grille in the upper dash. The front door plate was converted to hold a 6.5” midbass driver as well for the rear doors. All OEM mounting locations are used to maintain the integrity of the vehicle. Fast Rings acoustic audio rings finish off my audio plates. A set of Fast Rings creates an acoustical tunnel to the grille of a door panel. This guarantees that reflected sound waves do not get caught inside the door panel creating annoying rattles and buzzes, yuk!

Two sets of 4mm rivnuts are used to secure the HEX crossovers in the rear doors. Since metal screws tend to come loose with time this is my preferred mounting method inside doors.

A Mmats HiFi6150 amplifier provides all the musical power and control anyone could want. Designed in Florida and built in the USA this amplifier delivers 150watts by 4 channels and up to 1000watts by 1 channel for the subwoofer. Anybody who has been into hi fidelity audio knows that not all amplifier power is created equal. Dave Thompson is one of the best designers in the business, with 25 years of experience his amplifiers are the most musical and powerful amplifiers you can buy.

With all the fabrication finished, amplifier wired, speakers installed , system set-up then tuned and after 50 hours it was time to put the truck together. Once together this was an extremely musical and enjoyable audio system to listen to. It plays any type of music you can throw at it and has plenty of volume and control to put a smile on your face while cruising. Thanks

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Pocono Mountains, PA