Sony Amplifier Pumps Up OEM Speakers

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Michelle asked if I could change her OEM Ford Fusion speakers. After talking to her about what she really didn’t like about the stereo system it turned out to be the overall volume was lacking. I explained to her that speakers do not provide volume in a stereo system and instead recommended that we add an amplifier to improve the sound quality and provide needed volume. A Sony 4-channel amplifier with 50watts a channel and built in crossovers were just what was needed. With the amplifier finished I worked my magic with the crossover settings, then set the gains to get the most out of the audio system. When Michelle picked up her car and listened to her new stereo she was smiling ear to ear!! #blossominstallations #music #pic #poconos #fordfusion #sony

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Pocono Mountains, PA