Massive LED lighting upgrade!

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

Massive LED lighting upgrade for this 2019 Ford F350. The front of the truck got both low and high beam lamps along with a set of grille mounted driving lights that are controlled by Aux1 of the oem switches. Adjustable beam patterns along with taking the time to readjust the lamps downward help minimize offensive glare to oncoming drivers while also minimizing reflective glare from oncoming road signs back at the driver. For the rear of the vehicle 2 sets of red LEDs brighten the turn and stop lamps while a set of white LEDs offer safer reversing in the dark. A pair of LED cube lights turn on with the aux2 OEM switch. Flood beam patterns illuminate the far outside edge of the truck when using the sideview mirrors. This is a great representation of modern lighting technology. #smarterinstalls #builtbyblossom

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Pocono Mountains, PA