Adam’s Awesome 4-Runner Audio System

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Adam’s 4Runner was in the shop 3 months ago and got a Pioneer NEX8500 navigation receiver and a set of Sony 6.5” front component speakers that I built a set of HDPE composite audio mounting plates for.
Last week we finished the audio upgrade with a custom all wood subwoofer enclosure built into the right rear cargo corner along with a musical 10” sub and a durable grill for protection.
Powering all of Adam’s new gear is the designed and Made in the USA Mmats HiFi 6 channel amplifier. This amp rivals the famous Acoustat Transnova Twin-120 that I use in my home. The front soundstage was designed with 6 channels of time alignment. I bi-amped the front speakers with 4 channels and bridged 5&6 to power the subwoofer.
After all the acoustical tuning was finished Adam’s truck has an unbelievably well balanced and exciting sound system to listen to along with a soundstage that produces wonderful imaging.
This is how Blossom audio is built. #builtbyblossom #smarterinstalls

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Pocono Mountains, PA