Couple of Camaros

Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Women and their rides were rockin’ the shop this week. Big thanks to Livia and Bonita for trusting me to give these two Camaros sleek new improvements.
An OEM set of fog lamps were installed along with two sets of 6K HID lights. No switches were to be installed in the interior so a simple yet effective re-wire of the relay for the fog lamps now has them turning on with the low beams and off with the high beams to stay PA inspection legal.
The next Camaro got the new Pioneer 2600NEX receiver integrated with Maestro technology. The Maestro converts her HVAC to touchscreen control along with vehicle information and diagnostic display from the new receiver. A back-up camera keeps everyone safe while Apple CarPlay and satellite radio make the drive more enjoyable.

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Pocono Mountains, PA