2014 Toyota Tacoma Keyless/Remote Start & 2-way Remote Install.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

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A returning client with their brand new 2014 #ToyotaTacoma truck asked to have a remote start installed with an extended range 2-way remote.  #ThomasShafer of #BlossomInstallations knew exactly what he needed.  The new #Echo4 2-way remote was the perfect compliment to the #RS350EDPB remote starting system.  This new 2-way remote has the extra range this client needed to start his truck from the office.  Since most of #BlossomInstallations clients are older and professional the new #Echo4 remote with its black and chrome case and classic 5 button layout with LCD display would not be an embarrassment  to have on his key ring.  With classic great looks and performance to match this system was installed with pride for my client to enjoy for years ahead.

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Pocono Mountains, PA