2015 Ford F150 gets a Diamond Audio sound system.

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

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My new clients previous truck had a factory premium sound system in it.  His new truck did not.  He was hoping I could match what his old truck had in it.  Needless to say the new Diamond Audio sound system blew his old factory premium sound system out of the water.  Thomas Shafer kept the factory Ford radio system intact and upgraded everything down stream.  This is the newest trend in sound systems.  By keeping the original radio you keep all the integrated controls intact.  A Diamond Audio 5 channel amplifier is the perfect choice to power the entire system.  A set of 6.5″ Diamond components for the front doors and a matching set of 6.5″ coaxial speakers fill the rear doors.  A single 10″ subwoofer tucked under the back seat perfectly compliments the front sound stage.  The end result is an amazingly musical sound with plenty of volume and control for any musical taste.

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Pocono Mountains, PA