BMW X5 Radar Blind Spot Detection System

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

This is a brief overview of an OEM grade rear blind spot detection system.  This high-end blind spot detection system utilizes OEM grade rear radar detectors and the ability to communicate using the CAN network found within your vehicle.  Using a radar based detector creates pin point accurate detection of vehicles within your blind spot while eliminating false readings found in many cheaper systems.  If you engage a turn signal while a vehicle is within your blind spot you will get both an audible and visual alert from the LED light located in the lower A-pillar.  If moving forward below 15 mph the system does not detect.  This is necessary when making a turn from a stop to eliminate false detections.  When the vehicle is placed in reverse the cross-traffic detection system is activated.  This turns on both sensors at ALL speeds including being stopped and alerts you to obstacles entering the area behind your vehicle.   After a 12 hour installation this system performed flawlessly and made for another very happy client.

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Pocono Mountains, PA