Viper gets massive bite with a 10″ Diamond Audio Custom Sub Enclosure

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

The Viper is back in the shop for another round of audio. This time the long awaited custom subwoofer system was going to be designed and built. Three years ago I installed a Diamond Audio HEX system into this supercar. At the time we chose to utilize the original 6.5″ factory subwoofer and simply run as much HEX power to it as it would accept. Although a great improvement it was simply not enough to keep up with the HEX audio front component speakers. I worked with Larry Frederick, designer of Diamond Audio HEX series to add a 10″ subwoofer. We chose to use the Diamond shallow speaker series as it provided us with the smallest sub so we could squeeze into the Viper a 1 cubic foot slot ported enclosure. This design allowed the sub to play an astonishing 10db louder than its sealed enclosure counterpart. Finally finished, the Diamond subwoofer paired with 500 watts of HEX power and combined with an aggressively stylish stitched vinyl enclosure with a protective grill that complements the race car inspired cockpit was simply AWESOME!

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Pocono Mountains, PA