XM/Sirius Onyx EZ Satelite Radio Solution, 2013 Ford C-Max & Range Rover.

Friday, June 13th, 2014

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The Xm/Sirius Onyx EZ #XEZ1V1 is a great affordable way to enjoy the offerings of satellite radio in any vehicle.  This is a #ThomasShafer classic design.  I start by installing the antenna on the rear of the roof.  Then I bring in the antenna wire through a factory rubber boot providing a drip loop and sealant to keep out the weather.  Although this takes more time to install this provides the customer with two major benfits.  One, you don’t see the antenna like you would on a front windshield installation, and two, the fragile antenna cable is not smashed into the windshield moulding to bring it into the vehicle possibly damaging the cable during installation.  To keep the wiring  clean all  wiring is routed and hidden behind the factory paneling.  Afterwards the dashboard is prepped and the unit is doubleback taped in the upperleft location.  This provides easy viewing and operation of the unit without damaging the dash if removal is necessary.  Enjoy!

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