A Very Picky Plymouth Prowler Precision Install:)

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

IMG_6336 IMG_6339 IMG_6341 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6348 IMG_6349 IMG_6351 IMG_6353 IMG_6354 IMG_6355 IMG_6356 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6359 IMG_6360 IMG_6363I was first contacted by the owner of this Prowler back in November of 2015.  He was looking for a very specific installation.  Well, maybe not so much the installation but the person doing the installation.  This Prowler is absolutely pristine.  One of the cleanest cars I’ve seen in over 20 years.  After discussing the installation and reassuring the demanding owner that the utmost respect would be given to his car the install was set for the first break in spring with good weather.

After two long days the design was developed, parts were fabricated, and the installation finished.  The beauty of this job is in its simplicity.  Laying down beautiful runs of wire and cabling to assure a solid foundation for the finished audio gear.  Looking forward to seeing this Prowler cruising the Pocono Mountains this summer with his new tunes!!  Tom S.

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Pocono Mountains, PA