Back-Up Cameras ready for summer… hot, hot, hot!

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017


I had a nice trio of back-up cameras come through the shop the last few weeks.  The white F-150 has the factory 8″ MyTouch screen from Ford which is utilized to display the new reverse image on it.  A Nissan Altima also visited the shop for a rear-view camera.  I upgraded the rearview mirror to a self-dimming mirror that has a 4.3″ screen to display the image from an underlip camera mounted to the rear of this sedan.  Finally, another F-150 got a tailgate handle camera installed.  This truck had the 4″ MyFord display in the dash.  We opted not to integrate the picture into the MyFord display.  Instead I upgraded his manual dimming mirror to a new self-dimming mirror with picture display.  This was a really nice upgrade as it fixed two problems with one solution.  My customer now enjoys a self-dimming rear-view mirror and a reverse back-up camera.  Tom S.

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