New set of loud speakers for the Audi

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

One of my best clients, David, brought his Audi into the shop a few weeks ago.  He was having speaker trouble.  A quick diagnosis of his problem found that after five years of rocking, his previous set of Blaupunkt speakers gave way to failure.

A new set of MB Quart 6.5″ components were ordered up to replace both the front and rear doors with new.  During the original diagnosis I noticed he had a moisture problem as you can see in the original speaker baffles.   MDF wood absorbs water like a sponge if it gets wet.  This time around after the new baffles were manufactured I coated them in fiberglass resin making them waterproof.

Before installing the new speakers into the doors I first had to repair some creative work by a body shop that repaired the right hand side of the car.  I removed the adhesive with a dremel and then cleaned and primered the door.  With all four doors ready for speakers I mounted the baffles to the door using 1/4″ bolts and nuts. Overkill?  Not at Blossom Installations!!!

This Audi is ready to rock for another 5 years!!!   Tom S.


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Pocono Mountains, PA