BossHogg Cadillac Custom Hidden Sound System Installation

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

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My client with this Cadillac had very specific requirements for an audio system installation.  One, I had to travel to his facility to work on the car.  Two, I had to work with his mechanic during the installation.  Three, I had to design a completely hidden stereo system.  No Problem!

After a discussion with the owner and his mechanic I came up with the perfect solution.  We would use his phone as the source unit.  In a hidden location I mounted a 3.5mm audio input jack combined with a custom volume control knob for quick volume control when needed.

On the audio end I utilized the two factory speaker locations.  One 4X10 location in the front center of the dash board and one 6X9 location in the rear center of the back seat.  My design was to use these two locations as audio “fill”.  The main source of sound came from a pair of 6X9 speakers that I custom mounted under the dash board on each side of the transmission tunnel.  After I drew the blueprints for the speaker mounts I had my fab shop JPC Fabrication make them and powdercoat them black.  His mechanic bolted my brackets to the firewall and underdash as per my design and installed the speakers.

To power the system I used the classic Rockford Fosgate Punch Amplifier P-600X4.  This is a four channel class AB amplifier.  A class AB amplifier is generally larger than some of the newer smaller digital designs being offered today.  But when it comes to playing full range sound really good, size and design matters.  Class AB amplifiers just sound better!!

Looking at this car from the outside one would have no idea it packs an awesome audio punch.  Listen to this car coming down the street with the top down and it will have you wondering where the concert is.   Enjoy.

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