Vinyl Rules, Cool Idea, MP3 Sucks.

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Vinyl is back! And in a big way.

Vinyl Recorder, a small company based in Germany, has created a machine that carves MP3s into vinyl, thereby marrying audio’s future with its past.

After setting up the machine and learning its ropes, you can transfer any MP3 in your possession onto your own personal mix-tape-on-vinyl.

But why go through the trouble if you love digital? Wesley Wolfe, Vinyl Recorder’s representative in the United States, explained that, with vinyl’s resurgence in recent years, music listeners — and not just audiophiles — are rediscovering vinyl’s quintessential “warm” sound.

Digital files, he said, have laddered sound waves. But when you transfer MP3s onto vinyl using Vinyl Recorder’s machine, the sound waves are smoothed out. The result, Wolfe said, is a so-called audio “sweet spot” only achieved on vinyl.

  • Why the hell would you wanna take the WORST QUALITY SOUND, MP3, and put it on VINYL???? This should be ILLEGAL. To the dumb(a)(ss) MP3 gen, who think that MP3 is the highest quality, stop what your doing and learn something. MP3 is the LOWEST quality to date. PERIOD. I don’t care if you don’t like hearing this, I don’t care if you don’t like learning this, but it’s the truth, look it up. Don’t go beating yourselves up though because the CD gen was just as foolish as you, thinking CDs were better sound quality then VINYL. WRONG. Granted CDs were REALMS better then tapes, and MP3s, but not better then VINYL.

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