More than Expected Sound System

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

If you want to hear better audio, you need to design better audio.

We did all of our sound good tricks to each and every speaker being installed into this Jeep. One of the most important and most overlooked by other shops is keeping the polarity of all the speakers the same.

Tuesday was spent designing and building the wire harness necessary to complete a build of a 5 channel audio system. 60’ of speaker wire, 25 splices soldered and taped connections for the wire harness. Don’t forget the turn on wire and the tape to create said harness. A 12” sealed waterproof enclosure sits on the passenger rear wheel well allowing full use of the Jeep’s trunk space. Like most things automotive the sub enclosure needed modifications to fit correctly which were easily handled in the shop.

Wednesday was fab day. Using 1” by 1/8” steel bar stock we measured, cut, bent, and welded an amplifier rack for underneath the passenger front seat location.
The bar stock was drilled then threaded to use a machine thread screw to secure the Sony 5 channel amplifier under the seat. Since the amplifier does not have a heat sink it can be mounted upside down.
Look closely and you’ll see we’ve retained the OEM bracket that holds the airbag plugs securely under the seat.
This genius design gave us multiple solutions to many problems one has to overcome when doing audio installations. A hidden secure mounting location keeps the amplifier off the floor of a vehicle that tends to get wet, retaining OEM integrity of the airbag wiring, the ability to wire the amp when installed to the seat easily and finally after the seat is reinstalled being able to get to the plethora of adjustments and settings that are required to set up and tune a modern audio system.
Oh yea, we also cut, crimped and built 4g OFC copper power cables to supply the amp with the DC electric it needs.
Thursday morning with the Jeep was spent doing a rear camera on the spare tire carrier rack so my client could view his hitch when backing up to a trailer.
The two popular camera locations normally used on a Jeep would not work for this application so we had to get creative. We ran the camera cable from the body of the Jeep at the hinge point into the end of the box tubing of the tire carrier and then snaked the cable inside of the box tubing to directly below the tire and above the hitch location. With the camera aimed downwards we were able to get the exact view needed for the hitch.
The afternoon was spent doing what we love most. Tuning an audio system and making it come alive.
Our personal preference here is to set a base line and to let the audio play for some time before starting to tune the system. A huge amount of patience and time is spent just listening. The biggest pain and problem to overcome is getting the gain overlap just right. Too much and the gear is unhappy, too little and the client is unhappy. After we get a good balance of front staging to rear fill by adjusting the blah, blah, blah on the amplifier we notice the subwoofer is a little fat sounding so we adjust the blah, blah, blah and the sub tightens up and now complements the music. More listening of the system is done but something is just not right with the highs. We go to the crossovers and adjust the blah, blah, blah setting and it gets better but something is still wrong. We try a trick we were taught 25 years ago and just like that the system comes alive!!!
Early that evening we deliver the Jeep to the owner. Listening to a wide variety of music we demo how all he needs to do with his system is change songs and turn the volume up or down. That’s it, this system will play anything you throw at it.

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