New Honda Accord gets Lots of Sound system.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

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New Honda Accord gets a lot of sound with a new system.  This very detailed installation outlines some behind the scenes work necessary to complete a full system.  MB Quart speakers filled the front and rear speaker locations.  Cutting of all four speaker locations was needed to fit the new high performance speakers in the doors.  Along with enlarging the speaker opening an MDF speaker baffle was produced to properly position the speaker in the door.

The integrated factory receiver was retained and used as the source unit.  A total of 20 connections were soldered behind the radio to allow the addition of a new 5-channel Pioneer amplifier.  This very powerful amplifier was the muscle for the entire car system.  The GM-D9605 amplifier provides 75X4 watts RMS and a single 600X1 watts RMS to an MB Quart 12″ subwoofer.  A dedicated bass knob remotely mounted in the from allows you to enjoy as little or as much bass as you want.

This very affordable system delivers an amazing amount of sound and volume with the  flexibility to appeal to everyones musical tastes.  Enjoy, Tom S.

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