Stacie’s Super Sound System

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

BIG THANKS to Stacie for TRUSTING her Jeep with me! She had started upgrading her audio system on her own by adding more, more, more. When she realized she had gotten in over her head Stacie reached out to a friend who recommended me, I had done an audio system in their Jeep.
When she stopped in for a consultation I explained to her why “more” is not always better and that I would like to do “more with less”. She was excited with my idea when she realized she was going to get the audio she wanted while maintaining the integrity of her Jeep.
Sony electronics were chosen for their quality and performance. A 6 channel amplifier that’s hidden under a seat powers the entire system; packing that low end punch is a small vented 10” subwoofer secured in the rear.
WOW! What a fun Jeep! Thanks again for trusting my audio design, installation, and tuning of your system. Tom S. #smarterinstalls#builtbyblossom #morewithless

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Pocono Mountains, PA