Viper gets sound service

Saturday, July 11th, 2020

An all original Viper came into the shop with what I was told was left channel audio inop. Listening to the audio system I conclude that only the left front door was not playing. With my digital volt meter I check the amplifier and verify that the amplifier output is good on all channels. I meter the speakers in the car and find that I do not have an impedance reading for the front left speaker. Removing that speaker from the door and checking it reveals that the door speaker is also good. Hmmm, this leaves only a disconnect between the amp and speaker. Knowing a modern vehicle only has multi-pin connectors I do NOT look for a plug that has come undone. Instead 25+ years of experience leads me to check the driver door boot. Sure enough I find two broken wires. A quick solder repair and some heatshrink and these wires are new again. #smarterinstalls #builtbyblossom

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Pocono Mountains, PA