Audi TT gets a Technology Overhaul

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

IMG_6616 IMG_6640IMG_6626IMG_6635IMG_6620IMG_6634IMG_6615IMG_6637 The Audi TT is a fantastic car for cruising the Pocono Mountain back roads.  Unfortounatly the cassette radio and multi disk cd changer were showing there age.

An ultra-hi power Sony MEX-X100BT was the perfect solution.  It has all the connectivity one needs in an automobile like handsfree talking, bluetooth audio streaming, Pandora, XM, USB, AUX, and Cd.  Along with all the technology this receiver has an ultra hi power internal amplifier that puts out 40X4 RMS power, 100X4 MAX.  The amplifier can also be configured to drive a subwoofer by bridging the rear speaker outputs for 150 watts!!!

I designed the new speaker layout to take advantage of the this amplifier configuration.  A new pair of Diamond Audio DE component speakers were installed into the front speaker locations.  The rear speaker openings were then modified to accept a pair of Kicker 6.75″ subwoofers.  This design gave a rich and full sound without giving up any precious interior room.

New technology and conectivity along with awesome sound!  Tom S.

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Pocono Mountains, PA